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  1. WordPress login info (make sure you have admin access and can upload plugins)
  2. Before & After photos, preferably in individual zip files for each procedure/case (minimum 1,000px on long side of image)
  3. Patient details for each case (if possible)
  4. Taxonomy setup information -Which categories (i.e. Body, Breast, Face, Skin, etc) and sub-categories (Procedures) you’ll want to set up
  5. Location information for SEO setup (what city/area you would like to rank for)
  6. Logo for watermarking (will need to be resized to 150px x 150px) For more information on that, visit this article.
  7. Any stock images that you would like to use for your category featured images.

Once you’ve got all your ducks in a row you’re ready to install and configure your gallery using our quickstart guide.