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Here’s a video on how to prepare your photos for upload:

Here are the steps to Prepare Your Images for Upload:

  1. Make sure the photos are the same aspect ratio.
  2. Make sure to censor the faces of any patient in the photos for HIPAA (do this using a free tool like Microsoft Paint).
  3. Resize the photos so both the before and after photos are the same size.  Also recommend reducing the size to 600 x 800 px (Portrait) or 800 x 600 px (Landscape) or 800 x 800px (Square).  If you need to go smaller because they photos aren’t large enough, this is OK, but will not always create the best result.  You can also reduce quality to 72 DPI (dots per inch) since this is for your website.  This was done with Light Image Reszier in the video.