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Taxonomies are the basis for organizing your galleries.  This is very similar to how you organized the services sections of your website.  Planning your taxonomy setup will save you lots of time in the end.

Here is a sample of how one website setup their taxonomies for their Body and Breast Galleries (keep in mind you may want to organize your gallery in a different way, and that is OK).  You can create as many Categories and Subcategories as you desire.

sample taxonomies

To Create your Categories, visit the section that says “Categories” and fill in the information about that Category.

To Create a Subcategory, just Create the Category first, then select the Category in the “Parent” dropdown.

To Set the Featured Image, User the Upload/Add Image section.  Recommended size for this thumbnail is 450 x 300px.

A few easy ways to create Category/Sub Category Images are to do a screen shot of one of your own cases and then use photo editing software to make it the appropriate size.  You can also purchase a stock image.  For inexpensive stock images, check out PhotoDune.

If you don’t have a photo editing software, you can easily configure this using the free image editing website Canva (hint: they have stock images available for purchase for $1).